We help federal employees get the benefits they deserve

If you are a federal civilian employee with issues related to workers’ compensation, disability retirement, wrongful termination, and/or discrimination, let us help you get the benefits you deserve.
We have over 40 years experience fighting for the rights of federal employees and postal workers.

Workers Compensation

Injured federal workers have the right to receive compensation for lost pay, medical bills, and rehabilitation after an industrial injury.

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Disability Retirement

Federal employees who become disabled from performing their regular jobs may be eligible for disability retirement from OPM.

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Wrongful Termination

If you are a federal employee who has been fired, suspended, or downgraded improperly or unfairly, you may be entitled to reinstatement, back pay and attorneys fees from MSPB.

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The law prohibits discrimination in employment, based on race, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, or reprisal for prior EEO activity

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